Differently Expressed Taxi Feeling

Taxis are everywhere. Big parks, freelance drivers, cheap, expensive. All of them are suited to find their costumer. Vilnius, Lithuania is highly social, modern scandinavian city. With IT, Banking, Software & Digital sectors booming it became the capital of Intellectual resources and investment in the region. Therefore it generated new customer type - Young Professional. They value benefits of public transportation, but does not into using buses or cheap old taxis. They value design and service. That’s why A2B was designed for them. And they completely love it.

As simple as from A to B

Taxi name had to be something very simple, yet memorable. The key is keeping it short, so it would not clutter the brand, but keep the value inside. From an early age we are learning the ways of modern society which is always in a hurry. We need to go from A to B in a fastest route possible, nevertheless it’s life goal or just taxi to dinner.

Direction to go

Brand consist not only of name but usually it needs mark too. Since we already know the direction. Clear is where we are going, and what we are doing. It’s just a matter of fusing those in an appealing and distinctive way.

Leading the Pack

Competition is very part of our world. It’s especially fierce in elder ventures. Commuting service is one of the oldest ones around. There are many competitors. Some have their own app, some cheap price, others luxury cars. But only A2B combined efficiency of having multiple communication modes, great pricing and swift service let’s lead the pack, even being such a new player.


First sight is always the judgmental one. In few seconds people can decide that they are not interested, or it’s too low or expensive for them to even consider using, buying, beeing seen in or with somebody. Also completely opposite can happen too. That’s what shapes our modern consumer culture. This is why everybody has a market to play in. The key was to be seen and later be found easily. The choice was between Green or Magenta as dominant color. To be said, we did not choose magenta, not to be associated and repulsed as purely feminine taxi services, because of old stereotypical views deeply embedded in the market. Also green is fantastic color. It complements traditional taxi yellow, black & white. We shuffled the color palette a little and so it is.

Process from A to B

As a digital studio, we are always happy being involved in process which goes into making the product reality. This case after several dozen concepts and revisions we are finished with final design of the vehicle and off to the Volkswagen showroom where 20 brand new 2015 Jettas are waiting to become wrapped in Jasmine Green and get decals applied. It took around two weeks and thousand man hours for the team to prepare all the taxis.

Let's be Striking!

Jasmine Green looks pleasingly in grey-blue urban city scape. Fleet will be noticeable and because our eyes are evolved to absorb many more green wavelengths than any other due to cones and rods in the retina, this color tint just stands out in a pleasing way. So it does not pollute, but promotes the city.

Little Big Details

The car design is not over complicated. Some of the details are worth mentioning. Why there was a choice and what’s behind it.

Gushing Blocks

Traditional Taxi checkerboard style lines where too dull, yet we had to keep them because of law and regulations for taxi vehicle marking and labelling. So we basically made them explode and kept original style just in the front and back.

Performance Styling

There are several racecar designs in our past experience, therefore big inspiration for this project was idea that it can look less like traditional taxi, but more like trackday vehicle. So some small ideas like to paint the front lip was borrowed from that culture.

Traditional yet Competitive

Taxi checker lines could look like racing lines or flag if placed appropriately. That’s why all overall design looks more like racecar than your traditional classic taxi car. It is clear now that client feedback is very positive. It’s something new and unexpected.

Introduction to the City

There where 20 Taxis launched in Vilnius on June the 1st. The green city became even more greener and is great addition to modern look of the city. Mayor of Vilnius loved the look and was proud to have such a high quality service around. Within first month brand new very green A2B taxi fleet transported over 10 000 customers.

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