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With thousands of law firms across Europe, we were challenged to help the new and promising firm and its lawyers stand out with an inspiring and elegant brand. This team of ambitious lawyers wanted to get far away from the dreary, bold and clichéd images usually seen in the legal industry. Clarus lawyers stand for true professionalism and success reached through innovative vision and creativity. Our goal was to create a visual identity that supports the brand’s values and mission at every level.

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The Process

We worked closely with Clarus to understand the scope of the firm’s practice, their clients, target markets and competition in order to articulate their unique brand and visual messages. We developed a clear vision of Clarus as a sophisticated and competent team with a fresh contemporary approach. We pored over typographical alternatives and color palettes that would fit the organic nature of the Clarus logo inspired by the artwork of the imperatorial era.

Pixelete Labs created a clean and outspoken concept honoring Clarus professional approach to people and that law that will stand the test of time and grow with their auspicious future.


From the moment pen hit paper, it was clear that this brand had to move far beyond beyond the stolid impressions of traditional law firms. We looked deeply into the firm, its work culture and daily approach to the work of the law and made a pact to bring a modern twist to its practice of a conventional profession. Close collaboration helped birth a powerful concept from the first sketches and turn them into a beautiful beginning for Clarus’ visual story.


Mountains of recycled paper and and long hours went into refining the new look and feel. We experimented with color and texture to detail every curve and space and ensure spontaneous and enduring emotion. The final picture of the new Clarus was formed, and our creatives were ready to take it into production.


Clarus’ new identity had to capture a tone of calm authority and create trust, confidence and loyalty between the firm and its clients. A clear path began to emerge in our branding challenge, combining initial architecture, strategy and adaptable design solutions. The route was narrowing to bold decisions that prove the firm impression is the one that matters.


Transforming every line of carefully drawn art into a pixel-perfect rendering let us experiment with many variations on the new style. We examined a range of idea to refine the final edges and to express the full vision of the brand. 3D visualizations, physical mockups and other multimedia approaches helped us visualize the Clarus concept and bring it to life.


Production completed, the end of our long journey was a new beginning with a striking modern business identity. The Clarus brand reflects the values, expertise and professionalism of the firm and creates an abiding impression for its clients.

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