Corrupt capitalist gremlins needs identity?

In a steampunk world where corrupt capitalist gremlins compete for money, political power and prestige, Gremlins, Inc. is a digital turn-based strategy game with a card deck spinoff. Earn and steal resources, compete in elections, pay and collect bribes, set traps, gamble, arrest other players and send them telegrams of misfortune.

How greedy can we go?

When it comes to the game industry there are two main considerations - gameplay, and immersive design. Gremlins Inc. were seeking a hit with a prestigious, steampunk and mechanically oriented style and we have committed ourselves to make the most of it. The style needed to be corporate - and oozing with evil.

Seeing clearly

From the get go, we saw a minimalistic approach shine out in all of our top concepts. We chose clear industrial lines to convey the evil-mysterious we all wanted to see. Interpretation of the game was helpful for clarifying the company values, the message it represents and the clever strategy the game is based on. Finding the right angle to express all of this was a winning step itself.

Let’s start the game?

Gremlins Inc. launched on Steam Early Access in Q3 of 2015. The card game will be sold as additional content in 2016.

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