Cigar Smoking as an Art
Cigar smoking is a true art that requires no less skill than cigar making. In order to appreciate the flavor and aroma of a cigar and get a unique pleasure
Register your First own Domain: In Only 6 Steps to the Right Domain
Register your First own DomainBlog
Whether it’s a company website, online store, private blog or forum: every Internet presence begins with the right domain name. The choice of the
Web Hosting for your Homepage: This is What you Need to Pay Attention To
Web Hosting for your HomepageBlog
Before you go online with your new homepage, you need to find a suitable web host. Depending on the complexity of the website, different demands should
Tips for Choosing Web Hosting
Tips for Choosing Web HostingBlog
Now that you have decided what type of web hosting you would like to run, the next step is to find a provider that covers all your needs.
How to make the Right Choice? 5 Popular CMSs in Comparison
5 Popular CMSs in ComparisonBlog
When choosing the right CMS, one is spoilt for choice between less complex blog construction kits and extensive enterprise systems. If you have to decide
What is a Content Management System (CMS)?
What is CMSBlog
Ready for our CMS comparison? With the help of a content management system (CMS), content can be managed quickly, easily and flexibly. The days of classic
Modular mindset: Patterns not Pages
Modular mindset Patterns not PagesBlog
A website is basically a system made up of many different individual parts. These can be reassembled on each (sub)page, but remain the same in their core.
Experimental/asymmetrical Layouts
No trend without a counter-trend, you could say here. Many uniform layouts are opposed by few innovative(r) designs. Yes, the template trend is not compelling.